Project scope

The RTD activities of the InFluENCE project spread over four Workpackages (WP2-WP5):

  • In WP2 we define the system(s) whose interface processes will be investigated: design of measuring cells, selection of materials and composition of the different components, operating span for the most relevant parameters. During the final months of the project, activities in WP2 will aim at validating in a full cell the conclusions drawn from the interface investigations and from the models developed at system level.
  •  The focus of WP3 will focus on the investigation and optimization of the interfaces between the electrochemically active particles and the electrolyte system.
  •  WP4 will study the interaction between the current collector and the slurry (as a whole), both from a rheological and from an electrochemical standpoint.
  • In WP5 computational modelling will be implemented at macroscopic as well as microscopic (molecular) level, to complement the experimental studies in the 3 preceding Workpackages.

Besides, there is one Workpackage for project management and coordination (WP1) and one Workpackage dedicated to dissemination and exploitation activities (WP6).